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Personalized Affective Math Learning Study

WestEd, in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, is looking for 6th-grade math teachers for a study on the benefits of online support for mathematics learning called Personalized Affective Learning Study (PALS).

Our goal is to positively impact student achievement through a deeper understanding of socio-emotional learning and increase teachers' reflective practices.

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What is the Personalized Affective Learning Study (PALS)?

PALS is a large-scale, randomized control trial (RCT) study of the MathSpring learning environment. It is funded by the Institute of Education Sciences, which is part of the U.S. Department of Education. Sixth grade teachers across New England will participate in the study by using MathSpring in their classrooms and supporting researchers in their evaluation of the system's efficacy. The study will take place during the 2022-23 school year.

Stipend for participation and free professional development for teachers!

What is MathSpring?

MathSpring is an adaptive, personalized math learning platform for students in grades 5 - 10. It supports students as they practice math problems aligned to Common Core and MCAS content.

MathSpring is a supplemental tool that easily integrates with mathematics curricula. Teachers select topic areas and set problem difficulty levels. MathSpring then tracks students' performance and further personalizes their learning experience to optimize engagement and learning. Teachers can access student performance metrics that illuminate where a class is struggling and excelling, and use the data to guide instruction.

MathSpring features include:

  • Socio-emotional learning: Supports students' socio-emotional learning and engagement by providing targeted messages that align with students' real-time affective states
  • Customizable learning experiences: Adaptive environment allows for custom problem sets allowing for extensive, targeted practice
  • Insightful analytics: Actionable reports that provide insight on topic mastery, effort, and affect.
  • Scaffolding: Students explore math problems with the support of demonstrations, hints, and video explanations.
  • Immediate feedback: Students can receive meaningful feedback that contains meta-cognitive components that support reflection, goal-setting, and attention to consequences.